Guide to Poznan Things to Do in Poznan
Things to do in Poznan

Guide to Poznan

Things to Do in Poznan

It’s no secret that when you decide to visit a new place, either it be in your own country or abroad, there is often a troublesome dilemma of what you should see or do while visiting. There is no denying that Poznań has a lot to offer its visitors, especially if they are looking to keep themselves fully entertained while exploring such a beautiful city location. As you would expect in any city, Poznań features many clubs and pubs which are ideal for winding down in the evening, however, in this article, we would like to offer you some of the most unique attractions at Poznań has to offer. Poznań is an incredible dynamic city which is filled to the brim with unique attractions and places to see.

Things to Do in Poznan

Explore the halls of the former Imperial Castle.

The youngest and last monarchical residence in Europe, the former Imperial Castle (also known as the Zamek) was originally created at the start of the 20th century specifically for the use of German Emperor Wilhelm II. Today the Imperial Castle is a cultural facility, which includes a wide variety of different exhibitions, children’s animation theater and even a state of the art cinema. You can explore the halls of the former Imperial Castle with a guide which grants you the opportunity to explore many of the interesting parts of the castle which may not be available if you explore without the use of the guide, such as the original and breathtaking throne of Wilhelm II. If you are interested in visiting the Imperial Castle check out for all the available tour dates.


Witness the billy goats clash at noon.

If you find yourself wandering into the heart of the Old Market Square you will no doubt spot a clock that was produced back in 1551. This clock is not like any other as it features two mechanical billy goats upon the Town Hall. Each and every single day as the clock strikes noon, you will notice a door suddenly open above the clock before two billy goats suddenly appear and butt their heads together twelve times. The billy goats are controlled specifically by the clock’s mechanism and are a truly remarkable sight to see.


Relax beside the Maltanskie Lake.

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, why not take some well deserved time out beside the Maltanskie Lake? The Maltanskie Lake is the ideal location for swimming, jogging, biking, walking or simply a quiet picnic by its calming and soothing waters. The lake is approximately 6 kilometer in diameter and is surrounded by sports centers, shopping centers, restaurants and local bistros. Upon your visit, you may be lucky enough to encounter a local event at the lake, such as open air concerts which are mostly free to sit and enjoy.


Take a walk through the Citadel park.

The Citadel park is one of Poznań’s largest parks and is approximately 100 acres in total. The Citadel park itself is conveniently located in the very center of Poznań. The Citadel Park provides its visitors with charming natural nooks and crannies and is perfect for those who enjoy cycling or walking. In the center of the park, there is an incredibly large meadow which is often the key location of choice for many outdoor concerts and events. The Citadel Park also comes equipped with its very own local café’s and restaurants which means you can sit back with a fresh coffee and a slice of something delicious while taking in the stunning natural beauty of the park.



There is so much to see and do in Poznan. Let us know what your favourite places to visit are.


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